Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friday Fun: Ah-mazing Linky Sale

If you haven't heard, TpT is throwing a Back to School Sale and offering amazing deals.

So a few of my friends have whipped up a fun Linky Party to go with it. Here's how it works.If you have your very own TpT store, check out your dashboard product statistics and find the top TWO items that your fantastic fans just can't stop wishlisting. Place them here. Then go take a look at your wishlist and post one product you plan on taking advantage of this weekend.

It was interesting to see which one of my items topped the list. Turns out y'all love the Math Exemplars Set 01.

This is just a set of files that I keep in my home drive at work. I love putting the kids names to the problems and they get a kick out of thinking their friends are out there buying 2,000 paper cups. Set 01 includes 20 different word problems that you can print out and cut up to give out to your students. They cover several topics that we study at the beginning of the year from Place Value to Graphing. There's an answer key included if you're like me and are a little slow with the math concepts.

Don't even ask what I had to ask three other people to help me with at school today. Sigh.


The second most wishlisted item makes me feel a bit guilty. It's the Genre Library Tag set I did.  The reason I feel guilty is because it's using the most incredible talent of Krista Wallden and her wicked cute super heroes. It's not all from me. I hope Krista is somewhere just basking in the glory of her talent. But there it is.

As for me, I'm oogling that Scaredy Squirrel Back to School Activity Pack from none other than those Collaboration Cuties. Not only do the stories make me smile, but it's chock full of great ideas. Here's the item list
Literary Elements
Vocabulary Chart
Brainstorming our own unknowns
Creating our own emergency kits and exit plans
Making Predictions
Cause and Effect
Fact and Opinion
Writing prompts- persuasive and narrative
Creating a Schedule
Elapsed time

Aren't you wanting it too?

Just remember my store will be having a 20% sale from August 18-19 and then TpT is giving another promo code on top of that to earn you a total of 28% off!! Make sure to enter the BTS13 code. So clean up that wish list a little on the first day to earn some credits and then come back the second day to wipe the rest of it out!

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