Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thursday Tutorial - TpT Widget

Have you seen the coolest new addition to my blog? It's over on the right hand sidebar. That awesome little roller that shows off some of my TpT products for the world to see? Ever since I spied it on Greg Smedley's blog, I had to have it. When I asked him about it his reply was the cryptic, "It's a widget from TpT."

Umm, er. I couldn't find anything like that right out in the open on the TpT website. I even tried to do a search through their help board with no luck. I just happened to accidently click on the right button and saw the html code just sitting there. Who'd I think of first? Of course! My brain was like, "What a perfect tut to share with my bloggy peeps!"

If you are interested in getting one from your TpT store to display on your blog, here are the steps:

1. Open your TpT store (mine is ScrappyGuy's TpT Store)

2. Over to the right you'll see the 'My TpT Store' button.
3. Click on that little flyout window and choose 'Dashboard'. It will take you to another screen.

4. Scroll down to the bottom and find the area for Marketing.

5. Click on second choice 'Link to my Store'. A new screen pops up with a choice to create a new widget. Click on the orange button.

6. It will take you through a series of choices for whether you want to display the Top Selling 25 items of your store, or the Most Recent items, then if you want a vertical or horizontal design.

7. Next you'll see a bunch of gobbledygook. If you are on Blogger, you are in luck. They've created a shortcut for us! SWEET!

Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you'll see this:

8. Give it a title and click next.

9. Done! It will appear on your blog for the world to oogle.

Now if you don't have Blogger you could try the next route.

7. When you see the gobbledygook,  copy it all and bring it over to your blog. You'll need to get into your template design. Switch over to the Edit HTML format by clicking the button choice. You'll need to scroll through your code to find the line. I found mine underneath the 'Mobile' section. After you see the close bracket on the first line you can paste in that goobledygook you got from TpT. 

8. Save your template and switch over to the layout. Select the Add a Gadget choice and look for the HTML. Go back to the TpT site and find the second line of HTML code listed.

9. Post that into the Add a Gadget HTML window and you'll see your new TpT widget lickety-split!

Fun Fun

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