Thursday, August 01, 2013

Currently - Oh' Boy August

Fun Linky! Fun Linky!

Farley over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade is throwing this party together. Go there to grab your chance to link up!

Listening: Frozen, by Madonna. Well, now it's Georgia Rose by Queen Latifah. Just my 'Jazzy' playlist while I work at playing blog catch up. NO tv on during this time, or I will zone out and forget what I was doing. Then it will take all night to catch up. 
Loving: All that time I spent getting my classroom put together after moving into a room with windows AND a bathroom, has paid off. I wasn't stressing (too much) this week getting back into the swing of things. I even had time to think about lesson plans for the first day. Ha!

Thinking: Urp, it kinda messed up my workout today. I was going along just fine but then started feeling the acid from the spicy sandwich creep up on me. It is not pretty to jump up and down at such a time.
Wanting: I've been eating so bad as school gets closer. Trying to grab onto the idea of freedom. Must stop this now! It's back to Greek yogurt and lean ground turkey for me...starting tomorrow. For now, that blizzard is calling me NAME!
Needing: Okay, I went and got the water to curb my appetite. Sitting here sipping away while I finish up my blog work. I wanted to put up a new product in my TpT store. Something simple, but I can't decide on what just yet. 
sip sip
B2S Must Haves:  That bleeping pencil sharpener continues to elude me. After all the blog contests I've entered and the begging and pleading to get people to follow me on blogloving so I can reach the 100 quota to 'review' one for the company just isn't happening.
I went through my class library and noticed the sad state of my Native American bucket. In Fourth we teach all about six different tribes. I ordered a couple of great books from Amazon and got an email today that they have shipped. Yay!
Sanity. Meet the Teacher is tomorrow and reality will set in. Let's not have any breakdowns, or trying to open the window so I can escape and go fishing this year, k?

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