Thursday, August 08, 2013

What I'm Loving

I'm a day late, but for some reason I feel that is going to be the going trend now that school is back in full swing.

Covered in Glitter and Glue has her Linky going on about three things that she is loving on this week.

Thought I'd jump on board.

1. I'm loving my class. I wasn't on Tuesday, the day before school start. I was hearing all sorts of things I didn't want to hear about my new kiddos. I was anxious and nervous for the year to begin not knowing what to expect. I've had some doozies before. Was not looking forward to a repeat of any of that mess. Once I had them all assembled in front of me and could watch the actual person for a bit, I was able to let the tension go. They have their challenges, but overall the entire class is really really nice. YAY.

2. The Big Bang Theory. I love this show. It is so hilarious and the characters are such fun. It's the only show I've watched that continues to get better every season. I just realized that Sheldon and Leonard are a modern day Bert and Ernie. hee hee

3. Fridays. Over the summer I kind of forget the importance of this day. Tomorrow will be the first Friday of the school year and I am loving it! I get to hang out with my teacher Peeps once school is done and just veg. It's wonderful. And then I have a whole two days were no alarm clock is going this guy!

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