Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thursday Tutorial - Remind101

I am finding tons of great resources this year. This one in particular is interesting to me. I had heard about it, but when Jivey showed me on her phone how it was to work, I was hooked.

This little app is a way for your parents to get text message reminders from you without letting them see your phone number. Think of the possibilities! Reminders about Curriculum Night coming up, report cards coming home, field trip money due, or projects that their kids forgot to tell them about. Oh, the happiness you could spread!

Remind101 has this to say about its purpose:

Teachers are busy. Our mission is to make tools that are simple to use, but highly effective. Signing up takes less than two minutes on the website, iPhone app or Android app, and it only takes seconds for students or parents to join a class. Safety is a primary feature: teachers never see students/parents phone numbers, nor will students/parents see theirs.

The connected classroom is rapidly evolving. Remind101 helps innovative teachers take advantage of technology in a way that frees up their time to focus on what they do best: teach.

Sounds like they are really thinking of how to best help teachers do their job. Gotta love that!

I signed up and clicked on the 'Create a New Class.' I was able to give my class a name and a unique code. Then Remind101 pops up a new screen like this:

It gives the parents a number and your special code to text to that number. Once they do that they are in and will receive any texts that you send to this group.

Our Curriculum Night, or the first parent teacher meeting, is tonight. I plan on sharing this with them and seeing how many sign up right there. It would be great if all of them do it, wouldn't it?
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