Saturday, August 17, 2013

Monday Mentor - Classroom Store

Every year I use the same technique of a 'Store' with my class. I start out telling them that they will earn money (I have some fun money I had printed out) for coming to school each day. The sounds of awe and "What?" is so funny to hear. Then I hit them with the idea that they will be earning money for doing the class jobs they pick each week. I will give them $10 for every day they are come to school on time and $10 a day for doing the class job. By the end of each week they can wrack up to $100. We spend some time  picking up all the jaws scattered around the floor.

This is when I have to burst their bubbles with some doses of reality. I tell them that they will have to pay 'taxes.' They will have funds taken from their salaries to pay for such things as classroom lights, running water, electricity, and to pay for the teacher. I explain that this is how it will work when they are adults. They aren't happy when I tell them they will give me $20 a week to cover these taxes.

I explain that they can earn tons of extra money for various things. They keep their desks clean, or they write some poetry about a Social Studies topic, or they simply follow directions without being asked. They like this idea, but what they like more is deciding what things they can use this money to buy.

I ask them to think of things that they'd like to have that aren't going to cost their poor poor teacher any money. We discuss several idea and brainstorm a list. Then I rank them according to ease of access. Things like taking their shoes off in class costs much less than having lunch with an Assistant Principal. I write up the chart and post it in the room. Every Friday morning I 'pay' them and open the store.

We also use this money during our class Market Day, which I will explain at a later date.

At the end of the year, we hold an auction with any money they have left over. I have a treasure box of things, or I might have some coupons to the local pizza place, or some Dollar Store items for this. It makes our last days together a little more fun.

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