Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day Eighteen

June 25, 2009 9:00P.M.

Tomorrow we're planning an early start, so I wanted to get a head start on this entry. It's been a semi-castle day since most of it was spent on a bus.

We got our cappuccino's this morning from our Piazza Eustachio. We paid only to stand at the counter today. I almost forgot there was a difference in prices for sitting at tavolos.

As we finished who do we literally walk right into? Allison and Bryson. It must be fate. We caught up with all that had gone on since we parted in Tuscany. A flood in Elba, train rerouted, disfavor with Milan, and the first impressions of our Rome streets (scary!) We walk towards the Piazza Navona to leave them at an Internet Spot. Then proceed to walk past them no less than six times. We couldn't figure out where the sightseeing bus stop was located.

With much relief we locate it 200 meters from where the Information Desk guy said it was. We ride this thing for two hours past sights seen and not. At one stop I wasn't properlly wedged in while I was taking a picture and almost flipped over the edge from a sudden stop.

We ride it through over to the Borghese Gardens stop. Picking up some paninis and lemon soda we explore the scruffy area. The lake, with boat (batiche?) rentals was the best. We walk back to the Spanish Steps in daylight. Then on back t the apartment for a nap.

If you can believe it we ride the sightseeing bus again. This time for different kinds of pictures. We were going to get off at Bocca della Verite for the famous Moment of Truth statue. But arrived too late. We ride the bus all the way back to Navona. Then drop off camera and change into long pants. We sit around til 7 P.M. then head off to a restaurant Gordon had noticed on Tuesday.

Thinking about the name, That's Amore, you would think the place would be complete kitsch. Well it did have candle dripped Chianti bottles and piped in Dean Martin. But the food was really good. The fettuccini tartufo nero and the grilled sausage were huge hits. We ended the fine feast with a a spot of limoncello and talks of what we'll take away from this trip.

Way too many memories, that's for sure.
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