Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day Twelve

June 20, 2009 6:08A.M.

The dreaded moment has arrived. Saying goodbye to the Castle Sweet Castle. This is going to be hard. I am just glad we got to spend an entire week here in Tuscany. We all agreed that this type of trip is preferable to a tour. Following an umbrella is not my idea of a vacation.

Yesterday was our last full day. G&G and J&J stayed for a castle day this time. Allison and Bryson headed off for the Boboli Gardens. We asked reception if we cuold view various rooms in Montegufoni and they were more than happy to drag us around.

La Grotto was first and the best. Amazingly detailed paintings covered every surface. La Cuppola was next and had more of a castle feel, but that domed ceiling was beautiful. Finally the Torre room. I wanted to go all the way up the tower but it was covered in pigeon poop.

Afterwards we walked around the vineyards. Looking at the baby grapes gave me a deeper appreciation of the hard constant work that goes into wine making.

Naptime was next. We awoke in time to leave for another tour. This time it was for Frattoria San Michele a Torri. A local award wining vino e olio factory. This wine tour just felt different than any other. More real somehow. It ended with deep rich olive oil drizzled generously over bruschetta and pomodoro. The guide also put out some amazing meats. We left with bottles for dinner and a case sent home. Really good Chianti Classico.

Our final dinner at Castello di Montegufoni was a quiet affair. Each already reminiscing about one helluva vacation. Promises to return next year were made. Happy places built. And lasting friendships made.

Arreverderci Toscana!
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