Saturday, July 04, 2009

Day Eleven

June 19, 2009 11:15A.M.

Allison and Bryson opted for a castle day today. G&G and J&J drove off to Lucca as the final jot on our itinerary. Driving without having to coordinate three cars goes much faster.

We find the train station and park. We don’t know any better and enter the city through a set of steps in a tunnel. Not realizing one of the main entrances was right down the road. Oh, well. Looking at a map we realize we have to cut a swarth straight through the city for bike rentals.

Plodding along we pass Piazza di Napoleone and Piazza San Michele and old Roman Forum. Great little city to stroll around in. We choose three neon green and one bright pink bike to use for an hour.

Amazing! Simply amazing way to see a city. It was so fantastic on a flat surface that encompasses the entire city. Feel the breezes blow past your face as you ride through canopies of green. Smell the fresh mown grass and stop at a fountain for a refreshing drink.

After two rotations it was already time to bring them back. Next we find the Roman Amphitheater, a circular grouping of homes. We eat lunch then make our way to Torre Guigni. The one with trees growing on the roof. Spectacular views, again.

It’s about 3:30 now and our stamina is wearing down, so we head back. At the castle Allison relates her day in Montespertoli and an Italian hair salon. Also the fun to be see at the pool.

Dinner was ordered from the restaurant. All of our favorites, ravioli nocce, penne pesto, and grilled sausages. Don’t forget the wine. All four bottles of it. We sat around the table just laughing, sharing, and chatting. Julie and I were up til 2A.M.!

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