Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day Nineteen

June 26, 2009 6:15P.M.

Nicola was just by to finalize things. She was kind enough to call us a taxi for tomorrow at 7A.M. (*GASP*). We whined about several things - the scaffolding blocking our view, the workers clanging at 7:00A.M., and not letting up for any possible nap, plus the seepage coming in from the windows that soaked all our souveniers- in hopes of a rebate. No such luck. I'll proably write to Ernesto to see if he will do anything for us.

Gordon just finished the evil business of paking. I'm listening to BBC once again explain how Michael Jackson died. How touching that he couldn't live in a world without Farrah Fawcett. We're going downstairs for a drink. Then maybe we'll see Angels and Demons as our last Roman Hurrah.

Today we didn't accomplish much. We planned for the Archeobus to take us out to the Appian Way. We were all coffeed and ready at the Piazza Venezia stop by 9A.M. awaiting the first bus. Yeah right. We heard from the red bus that the green bus no longer stops here at this stop. We have to race over to the Colloseo stop a half mile away and still have to wait 25 minutes. Strange business.

The ride was uninspiring to say the leat. The sporadic narration was garbled. We got off at the last stop. Walked on the original portion of the Roman Road to Herod's tribute to his wife Cecilia Metella. After he was cleaered of her death he wanted to show how much he loved her. Kinda like OJ.

Next came the worst decision of the entire trip. We both were really interested in ancient acquaduct park. Thus follows the torturous two hours of our lives. Two miles alongside speeding cars and skirting death around every corner we arrive in a very unnervy part of town. The park was full of graffiti and hardly had anyone in it.

We eat our paninis quickly while we ogle the shirtless jogger resting not far away. Then we walk back the same 2 miles again. We grab a lemon soda and an arancia fanta then go look at dead people.

The catacombs of San Sebastini were very interesting. As I strolled through the resting places of ancient Christians I had to wonder if 2,000 years from now will folks wander through our cemetaries in awe?

We only had to wait 5 minutes for the bus which we have to ride all the way to Termini since they no longer stop at Bocca della Verite. Grrrr. We hop on the No. 64 bus and get to use our Roma Pass finally.

Naps, showers, pack and Nicola. We tried that theater she suggested to see A&D but it's no longer showing the movie. Durn. So we wander around and decide on a place for dinner. I try carbonara and saltimbocca. Both were good.

the phone alarms are now set and the BBC still broadcasts MJ's demise. More tomorrow en route.

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