Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day Fifteen

June 23, 2009 8:11A.M.

Eight hours on a train with every screaming child in Italy and no food spells = FUN! It was sad not to enjoy another catered breakfast, but we had a train to catch early. The station's cafe was odd. You have to stand in one long line to get a ticket to go stand in another long line. Confusion. I grab some apples and croissants to go with our cappuccino and board. It was supposed to be a four hour train ride. A littl down the coast and then turn inwards to cut across Italy to reach Rome. Thought it was odd when we just kept traveling down the coast. They made announcements over the intercom, but since they were all in Italian we didn't pay any attention. Well, not until the locals that surrounded us in 2nd class started making complaint noises. No idea what is going on. We turn on the gps and find our location is no where near we were are supposed to be. When it hits the six hour point I go to find the food cart. It's seven carrozza's back. After I push my way through all the legs and luggage in the aisle to get there I am told they have absolutely no food left. Not even a crumb or a can of Pringles. Oh, they have water though. Apparently those announcements in Italian alerted all the Italian speakers that it was going to be a long ride and they all invaded the food cart long before I show up. I am quite sad.

We finally made it to Rome and walk 45 minutes to the apartment to meet with our city manager, Nicola. The entire flat is no bigger than our bedroom at home. Allison was right. The pantry, complete with micro wave and 2 stove hubs sits on top of a small fridge. it's still bigger than our old place in the Marina district.

We wander off to Piazza Navona for dinner in front of Bellini's Fountain of the Four Rivers (that's and Angels and Demons stop if you recall). Then decide to see the Colloseo at night.

After walking in circles hopelessly for an hour we call it a night. After stepping over the drunk hobo lady on our stoop that is.

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