Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Day Seven

June 15, 2009 7:26A.M.

It’s early. We’re all trying to figure out shower schedules and being ready to leave at a set time for our first destination as a group: Siena. I’ll let you know how it goes later on.

Yesterday was a do-nothing day that will be forever coined as ‘castle day’ and we wore it well. I already told you how fun trying to cobble breakfast together was, J&J finally woke up right after I stopped the entry yesterday.

It was pool time. Even the simple fact of sitting around a pool chatting within the beautiful grounds of your very own castle, it does something to you. The hours whiled away until about 5P.M. We had a snack and I emailed our city manager in Rome on the reception’s free internet.

Around 7P.M. after a rousing game of Sorry in which Ms. Vicky beat the pants off us all, I drag the victorious V, her new name now, and her royal subject (husband) around for a photo shoot. Then we did a group shoot out on the terrazza.

Dinner started after 8 with remnants of an earlier Baptisemo party still going on around us. It was a bit of a haggle trying to get a chicken or fish option tonight and not just carne (red meat). It was a loss and they brought out a caprese instead.

The meal again was incredible. I didn’t think it would take us three hours like last night, but sure enough it did.

To top our evening off the chef came out and poured all of us a shot of some orangey liqueur that came with a biscotti for dipping. Toscana con Piacere!

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