Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day Seventeen

June 25, 2009 11:43A.M.

I'm late in writing today. We tried to stay in bed as long as possible even with the workers dropping everything possible.

Yesterday was set aside for Ancient Rome Day. We were set to tour the Collosseum, Palantine Hill, and the Forum.

Once again Rick Steves was right with his advice on how to skip lines. With our Roma Pass in hand we strut past the throngs of sweaty tourists standing in line. The colloseo was great. you could almost hear the screams for blood and hear the cries of lions and the poor as teach was slaughtered for entertainment.

Palantine Hill was kind of boring so we found a spot overlooking the Colloseo for lunch. Then back in to finish up the Forum. Our last Rick Steves audio.

Since it's only about 2, we trot on over to the Quirinale and the National Museums of Rome. The Diocletian Baths were closed.

On the way back we decide to attempt the Trevi. Vicky was right in her assessment that it would be packed. We muscle our way up to the fountain in order to toss our coins. 20 cents for each.

Back to the apartment for nap and shower.

Oops, wait! We decide on an antipasti outside of the Pantheon. Expensive stuff.

We walk all th eway down Via Del Corso to the Poppolo for our last Angels and Demons tour. It was closed. We wander back to the Spanish Steps for some night time shots.

Dinner was pizza (with a hard boiled egg on it) and beer. Then gelato over the Fontane di Trevi at night. Such an experience.

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