Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day Fourteen

June 22, 2009 7:33A.M.

It was nice to be able to wake when we wanted. Took our time then went down for breakfast. A spread sort of like in Monterosso. Except the cappuccino comes from a push button machine and only fills half the cup. Eventhough I complained a lot, I miss the little Asian lady from Cinque Terra bringing us those cups full of a rich thick foam. A trade off, I guess.

Gordon and I walked over to the train station to see how long it would take us and to get our tickets for Monday. Good thing too, it was packed again.

Next was the Vaporetto No.1. This route travels from the train station, down the Grand Canal, and out to the airport. Takes about an hour one way. Rick Steves led us down the lane of decaying palaces. It was a nice ride, so nice we took it all the way back.

I noticed something on this boat. There is a vast difference between workers here and in America. Here you get hunky adult men who work as basically bus drivers. Now where in America can you find that?

Back to the room for a camera battery, then off to explore the Carnareggio area. We eat lunch in the garden of an osteria underneath grape vines, actual grape vines. At 2:30 they kick us out. First time that's happened.

After more walking we grab the closest bald muscular gondolier and take a 30 minute 80 euro ride around San Paolo area. It was an extreme leisurely pace and not as romantic as I expected. Weird having tons of people take our picture.

San Marco and Rick Steves had a date next. We wandered the square for an hour listening to his audio. We thought about climbing the campignale and once we heard that a lift takes you up, we grabbed it. The view did not disappoint.

since it's about 5:45 at this point we check into seeing the Basillica but it closed at 5. Run over to the Doge's Palace and are barred entrance. Apparently it takes two hours to go through before they close at 7. They won't let us in at 6. Oy!

So off to the hotel to hang out. Today wasn't well planned so Gordon suggested we do up one for our stay in Rome. He slept while I devised. It wasn't that hard since there's still so much to see.

We're both foot worn and exhausted from 13 days of non stop that we decide to venture out only for dinner. The concierge recommends a few places. One is too far, the other menu doesn't appeal. We end up at a local pizza joint where the waiter defintiely showed preferance to the locals.

One more gelato and off to LaLa Land.

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